Goldilocks, Adventures of a Porridge Thief

Open to the public for 2 PERFORMANCES ONLY!



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All tickets £7   |    £25 family of four   |   Age guide 4+

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Saturday 15th January at 12 noon

The Black Cherry

Boscombe Highstreet (next to Sainsburys)

Sunday 16th January at 3pm

The Druitt Hall (hosted by The Red House Museum)

Christchurch Highstreet


An Interactive Adventure

Development phase; Interactive performances - September 2021

Full touring Pantomime for Schools, Venues and Organisations - Nov 2021-Jan 2022




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Thanks to Arts Council funding, we’ll be writing this year’s Panto - 'Goldilocks, Adventures of a Porridge Thief' - with help from all of you!

What happens when Goldilocks grabs the Bears Magic Porridge Pot and runs off with it?

Will Baby Bear be able to get it back and fulfil his Coming of Age quest?

Will the Big Bad Wolf get his hands on the Magic Pot?

And will Goldilocks ever be able to stop the Pot from cooking porridge?



We have been touring an interactive version of ‘Goldilocks’ to schools, venues and events during September  - YOU have decided what  happens next - and helped perform it too!






Its been hilarious, silly, unexpected, collaborative, and nearly always covered in porridge.



The ideas from the improvised performances will be gathered together and from that amazing well of creativity, our panto will emerge! The stories are very unique to their audiences, with 'in-jokes' and often have a strange dream-like quality. Its fascinating to see where different groups of people wander from the same starting point.

Some performances concluded with an informal Q&A, where we talked about the roles of women and disabled characters in traditional tales, and how this is reflected in their own story and others. This will help us challenge stereotypes when we come to write the script.

In addition, we have made an online story, on a blog page - with people able to contribute ideas via email, text, instagram and facebook. We filmed the scenes in various places where we found ourselves on tour, with the help of whoever happened to be around! 

All of these improvised stories are here - we invite you to read, enjoy, and tell us what you think of them!

Any ideas that you really like?

Any characters you'd like to see more of?

What would YOU have contributed to the story if you were there?

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The Juniper Centre

Thank you to everyone who came to a show!

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Check out the full story created online on our BLOGand watch the mini-films of each scene.

WELL DONE to all the contributors - its a great story!




We've had a packed rehearsal week, learned loads, played lots, and can't wait to hit the road! 

Jonny Hoskins worked with the cast to bring out the physical comedy of the piece - we are all clowns in the end! Skills which also can be drawn on during the improvised part of the piece.

Peter Courtenay is an improvisation expert and has been challenging us to think deeply about the way we 'gather' stories from the audience, what we want to achieve and the best way to get there!

Chris Flounders is our signing teacher! Starting this summer, we are trying to embed sign language throughout our performances, and use non-verbal actors. 'Goldilocks' is signed throughout the opening scene - though the improvised part may be more of a challenge!

We ended the week with a visit from Rob Payne, who filmed the opening scene for the online version of the show.

Winter 2022/23

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Interactive Pantomime

"Jack and the Beanstalk"

We perform in schools and day centres from the end of November until mid-January.

November & December 2022 tour - Open for bookings

January 2023 tour - Open for bookings


Book now / check dates - 01202 421806  /  07855 117530  /  

We LOVED the whole performance! It was wonderful to see our less confident children up, dancing and smiling. Lots of feedback from parents saying they went home singing songs, dancing and drawing pictures of the event”

“It was fantastic. Children in all year groups were engaged throughout. Very well set up and performed. Audience participation was great. Children enjoyed the well known songs”


“Once again another amazing performance.  The performance was perfectly pitched for the primary age range and the audience was actively engaged with the play. Great to see instruments being played and children joining in in a variety of ways. "


“Great adaptation of the story, humour was perfect for the children and adults. LOVED the inclusion of the audience members! All adults and children really enjoyed every aspect, thank you”


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Up close, immersive and very interactive,

a Treehouse Panto is always a unique experience!

  • We always stage our Pantomime in-the-round, as it allows the whole audience to see and hear properly. Its a very immersive experience, with the actors centre stage the whole time, surrounded by and interacting with the audience. The action feels VERY close, especially if there's a hungry dragon or a sword fight or a chase going on!

  • Around 30 audience members can have a small part in the show, from minor speaking parts to interactive scenery (strictly volunteers only - we never pick on people!). It makes each performance unique to its audience, and adds a layer of fun and involvement far beyond dragging unwilling participants onto stage, or just shouting from your seat.

  • We are a small company, our cast are very skilled, and every show is written for specific actors to perform using their unique talents. With the freedom to harness the skills of our cast members, rather than a one-size-fits-all-actors script,  our shows include live music played on real instruments by actors on stage, stilt-walking, gymnastics, rapping, sword fighting....things which make live theatre memorable and exciting

Shows open to the public

There will be performances open to the public in January 2023 - hosted by ourselves and by local venues.

If you are interested in booking us, please get in touch!

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