Pop-up Story Theatre

We invite you to become part of the story, creating tales together that are unique because YOU were there.

Join in with the action, say lines, learn action songs, create the soundscape, and become interactive scenery,

as we immerse ourselves in the fun of storytelling together, in a Covid-safe and managed environment.

for Summer 2021.....

"Sally and the Limpet"

Suitable for End of Term celebrations, leavers events, and small family events - Maximum audience is 30

(All photos from pre-Covid times!)

Public performances

Book a show for your event or venue and bring back the joy and magic of live performance!



Keeping everyone safe:

​​"We felt 100% comfortable. Your approach was sensible, well-organised and had clearly been risk assessed effectively"

(Feedback from a primary school, y1 Great Fire of London workshop, June 2020)

Sample seating plans for schools / bubbles - we will always tailor these to individual schools and spaces

Pop-Up Story Theatre for public spaces

Download our Risk Assessment for public spaces

Sample seating plans for venues and family audiences - we will always tailor these to individual venues and spaces