Pop-up Story Theatre

We invite you to become part of the story, creating tales together that are unique because YOU were there.

Outdoor storytelling workshops for small groups

Carefully adapted workshops led by a single actor, following PHE guidance.

Children can join in with the action, say lines, create the soundscape, and become interactive scenery,

as we immerse ourselves in the fun of storytelling together, in a safe and managed environment.

"We felt 100% comfortable. Your approach was sensible, well-organised and had clearly been risk assessed effectively"

(Feedback from a primary school, y1 Great Fire of London workshop, June 2020)


You can download a risk assessment for schools here.

Please read our blog about risk assessments to understand our decision making

(All photos from pre-Covid times!)

Schools: Key Stage 2

​​Ancient Egypt: The Story of Tutenkhamun

Romans: Boudicca

Ancient Greece: Theseus and the Minotaur

The Vikings: Thor and Hrungnir

Saxons: Beowulf

Open to the public

All our stories are available to the general public,

but we especially recommend these ones,

which are tried and tested mixed-age family favourites:

The Gingerbread Man

The Pirate and the Princess

The Little Red Hen

Theseus and the Minotaur


Schools: Early years and KS1

​​The Gingerbread Man

The Pirate and the Princess

The Little Red Hen

History workshop: The Great Fire of London

History workshop: Knights and Castles

New format 'Great Fire of London' workshop,

filmed in June 2020 with 18 y1 children

(footage taken from live-stream for children still at home)

Can't see the topic you want?  Get in touch and we'll see what we can do!

Keeping everyone safe:

Please read our blog on risk assessments to understand how we have classified our workshops into 2 types.


Pop-Up Story Theatre for schools ONLY (Type 1)

(Download our Risk Assessment)

  • Workshops will be outside wherever possible, or otherwise a hall (not a classroom) must be available so that we have lots of space. 

  • Maximum of 15 children per session, with potential for up to 30 children arranged in two discrete ‘bubbles’ of maximum 15, which won't be in contact with each-other. Maximum 4 sessions per day of 45 minutes duration each.

  • If required, children can be spaced 2m apart within the 'bubbles' (see plan below), and will be all facing forwards.

  • Treehouse Theatre will wear PPE in school at times when social distancing is not possible (for example on arrival at school and in reception)

  • During sessions Treehouse actors will be at least 2m distance from the children and staff

  • To reduce the risk of school-to-school transmission, we will visit a maximum of 2 schools each week, and not on consecutive days.

  • Use of props will be kept to actors. Any costumes worn by children will be one child per use and washed between every show.

  • We will discuss any additional requirements with you beforehand - we are very flexible and adaptable.

Pop-Up Story Theatre for public events (Type 2):

  • Due to the setting, performance style, and audience make-up, these events will be possible when government guidance indicates we have moved to Step 3 of the 5-Step plan for Performing Arts.

  • In the meantime, you can reserve a summer date without any obligation or cancellation charges.