Pop-up Story Theatre

We invite you to become part of the story, creating tales together that are unique because YOU were there.

Outdoor storytelling workshops for small groups

Carefully adapted workshops led by a single actor, following PHE guidance.

Join in with the action, say lines, learn action songs, create the soundscape, and become interactive scenery,

as we immerse ourselves in the fun of storytelling together, in a safe and managed environment.

"We felt 100% comfortable. Your approach was sensible, well-organised and had clearly been risk assessed effectively"

(Feedback from a primary school, y1 Great Fire of London workshop, June 2020)

(risk assessments and seating plans at the bottom of this page)


(All photos from pre-Covid times!)

Open to the public

Pirates Ahoy!

Join us for a swashbuckling adventure on the high seas of our imaginations!


Enjoy live story-telling in a new way this summer!


Add your ideas to the songs and the story,

join in the acting from your household ‘bubble rug’ ,

and learn the actions to a sea shanty.

Please dress up if you’d like to!

Check our 'Open to the public' page for show details,

or get in touch to book a performance for your event or venue

Schools: Early years and KS1

​​The Gingerbread Man

Pirates Ahoy

The Little Red Hen

History workshop: The Great Fire of London

History workshop: Knights and Castles

New format 'Great Fire of London' workshop,

filmed in June 2020 with 18 y1 children

(footage taken from live-stream for children still at home)

Can't see the topic you want? 

Get in touch and we'll see what we can do!

Keeping everyone safe:

Please read our blog on risk assessments to understand how we have classified our workshops into 2 types.


Pop-Up Story Theatre for schools ONLY (Type 1)  Download our Risk Assessment for schools

Pop-Up Story Theatre for public spaces (Type 2)

Download our Risk Assessment for public spaces