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Treehouse Theatre specialise in interactive performances and workshops.

We particularly love history and great story-telling.

Most of the time we perform in schools, and most of our shows and workshops are educational

as well as fun, with sessions for every age group from age 2 upwards.

All our work is written by a qualified primary school teacher,

so we really know what schools are looking for.

We also run workshops, courses and provide training opportunities.


                                                                                                  We try to say yes lets! to any challenges thrown our way!

The driving force behind our work is the wish to see people surprise themselves

with their own creativity.  Rather than passive entertainment, we want our audiences

to have an experience that was unique because they were there.

A special thank you to all the children who have shared their wonderful drawings and letters with us over the years,

a tiny fraction of which we are delighted to share with you on these pages.


















Meet the team

Treehouse Theatre is headed up by Creative Director Ben Lindsey-Clark, and Managing Partner Louisa Lindsey-Clark.

Ben is our principal actor, and is often joined on stage by fellow actors

Darren Matthews, Tilly Larment, Charmaine Parkin, Celia Muir and Naomi McQuin, to name but a few.

Louisa runs the office and makes props and costumes, with the indispensible help of Helen and Peta.

Treehouse Theatre are committed to being part of a strong local creative community and we prefer to work with actors based in the Bournemouth area.

Ben with Darren and Lorna Rees                                     'Jack and the Beanstalk' school tour                             A scene from 'Goldilocks'

in 'Treasure Island'                                                          with Ben, Darren, Moira and Charmaine                     with Moira and Anni Butler
















'Cinderella' played by Tilly Larment,                                                                                                                   'The Pied Piper of Hamelin'

with her Fairy Godmother, Juliette Malan                                                                                          with Ben and Juliette















Ben, through the eyes of children!
















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