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Key Stage 1 (age 4-7 years)

Rather than passive entertainment,

we want our audiences to have an experience that was unique because they were there.

The driving force behind our work is the wish to see children surprise themselves with their own creativity in a world where we are often convinced that being creative is best left to someone else.

“This is the first time that we’ve done something like this, and it was a fantastic day. Acting it out really enhanced the learning experience”

"The children were motivated and inspired and had so much fun. They got involved and laughed lots"

“It was wonderful to see our less confident children up, dancing and smiling.

They went home singing songs, dancing and drawing pictures of the event”

Visit our Summer and Winter pages for Theatre shows and Pantomime - all are written for the Primary age range,

and are interactive with live music, and have parts for the audience to join us on stage

KS1 Class workshops

Living History Class Workshops are an immersive mixture of story-telling, dressing up and re-enactment.

Suitable for up to 32 children, 1 hour 15 mins.

The Great Fire of London

‘The Great Fire of London’ is a workshop designed to ignite the imagination and bring the events of 1666 to life in the classroom.  

The workshop is includes story-telling, dressing up and improvised drama to facilitate plenty of learning, and material for future lessons to build on.

“It brought their learning to life and made their knowledge feel real. Brought drama into our cross curricular approach”  Hazelgrove School

Starting out in Pudding Lane, children will dress up and create their characters, making decisions for them as the Fire progresses through London.

“the children gained a greater understanding of the event and what it might have been like at the time – a perfect link to our topic” South Petherton Infants

'Great Fire of London' workshop, made from live-stream footage filmed in June 2020 with 18 y1 children during Covid times!

Knights and Castles

‘Knights and Castles ’

is a workshop designed to ignite the imagination

and allow children to be expressive and creative.

The workshop is ‘set’ in a medieval castle,

approximately 600AD, with accurate historical references to facilitate plenty of learning,

and material for future lessons to build on.

The workshop will introduce the names of the different parts of the medieval castle and what they are used for, meet the various people who lived and worked in medieval castles, gain an understanding of the different pastimes of the medieval age,  and share a great story!

“The content was very appropriate for the age range.

Good pace and variety of interactive activities, fun and informative. The children liked being given a new name” Eton End School

Story Box

An exciting hour of dressing up, story-making, music and interactive story-telling.

Suitable for up to 30 children, aged 2- 7 years.

A Story Box hour starts with dressing up in our theatrical tabards. Who will you be? Throw your ideas into the mix and enjoy creating and performing your own unique fairy tale. Tune in for some action songs, and then enjoy interactive story telling to round it all off. Choose from loads of Story Box tales, from round the world or on your doorstep, from timeless classics to modern yarns.

“The children had a great time- lots of giggles throughout! 

From a teacher's perspective, it was interesting for me to observe without leading the activity to assess who could follow the story without pictures (we have to assess this in Reception for Communication and Language Development), who was confident to participate (Self-Confidence and Self Awareness) and who could play co-operatively to act out a narrative (Expressive Arts and Design).” 


Story Box is designed by a qualified teacher with the needs and desires of children firmly at its heart. So....its active and interactive, creative and child-led, can become noisy and off beat, and is always immensely good fun!

An memorable experience, the shared story can be a wonderful launchpad for many literacy and creative projects - with children inspired to work further with the characters they created. 


“This was such a fantastic experience and a great opportunity for staff to see how confidently the children could perform. The children are still talking about it and it has influenced their role play and storytelling in class”

Story telling 'Pirates Ahoy!' - filmed in Covid times (August 2020) with

10 families in the garden at The Red House Museum, Christchurch

"The whole session was brilliant- flowed well and the children got to engage in a range of activities.

 The children thoroughly enjoyed the sessions and it sparked their imagination for the beginning of our topic.  Terminology was introduced linked to pirates which meant they could build on this from day 1. Ben was fantastic once again and we cannot wait for next year!"

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