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Home Education

We design these workshops and performances in collaboration

with Home Educating communities so that we can best meet your needs.



Please get in touch if there is something in particular

you'd like to see happening in your area. 

Visit don't forget to visit our Summer and Winter pages for all the news

about our community theatre projects, workshops, and touring shows - there's lots of opportunities to get involved!

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Story Box #1 (2010 August - Sting in the
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Story Box #2 (2010 August - Sting in the
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Friday 12th May at 2pm

at Somerford Arc, Christchurch




Did you miss the show this winter?

We're delighted to have another performance of

'Jack and the Beanstalk'  for Home Educating Families

Whats at the top of the Beanstalk?

‘Jack and the Beanstalk’ is a colourful and interactive family pantomime, with live music played on stage, singing and dancing along, excitement, laughter and surprises, and of course plenty of panto-style audience response. A ‘feel-good’ show that brings everyone together.

As always with a Treehouse Theatre performance, we don’t like to leave budding actors in their seats – you can volunteer to play a small role in the show if you would like!  Come at 1.45pm to join the drama workshop and choose a part to play.

“Engagement and joy on every child’s face”
“a magical and colourful performance”
“lots of participation, and, of course, everybody got the chance to boo and hiss, sing and dance and clap and cheer”

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