Voice Over & Sound Studio

Ben Lindsey-Clark, our principal actor, produces podcasts and voiceovers for a variety of clients, and we have a private audio recording studio.

Sound Studio

If you would like to record and publish audio lessons or podcasts, we can help! 


We offer a full range of services for recorded audio lessons:

  • Record your own podcasts or lessons using our studio and equipment

  • Record in our studio, and have them produced and emailed to you the same day ready to share.

  • First time recording a lesson? We can walk you through the through the whole process, with as much input as you need (such as adding narration, or reading a poem/story etc, conversation, sound effects, music etc, and even voicing the whole lesson if you would prefer not to record your own voice)

  • Order bespoke recorded lessons for your school, made by Ben Lindsey-Clark, who is a qualified primary school teacher.


Your recordings are given as an MP3 file, produced and mastered ready for uploading. We have fast and professional turn-around times. You own the rights to your recordings and can use them however you want.

Voice Over

Ben has a warm, friendly British ‘RP’ natural voice.

With 15 years experience as a professional children’s theatre actor and story teller, he has an impressive variety of voices to breathe life into your characters - from friendly to frightening, comic to corporate, animated to quirky.
Ben records from his own studio or is available to come to your studio.

Ben is professional and versatile, easy to work with, responds well to direction, and will always hit your deadlines.

Voices for Games - Ben Lindsey-Clark, Treehouse Theatre
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Voices for Childrens books - Ben Lindsey-Clark, Treehouse Theatre
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  • Games

  • Narrations and Audio books

  • Animations

  • Childrens books

  • Podcasts


Please email with your requirements for a quote:  info@treehousetheatre.com