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Treehouse Theatre Kids Areas

for Festivals and Events

From an excited gang of toddlers telling stories in a tipi, to a packed big top of families inventing their own Festival Tale, we love performing at events and festivals of any size.

 From a single performance through to creating a kids area, we’d be delighted!

"Treehouse Theatre tick all our boxes when it comes to catering for children at our event….

reliable, professional, approachable and self sufficient…..
I would strongly recommend Treehouse Theatre for any event looking for something magical”
Organisers, Southern Lights Festival 2007 - 2011, Dorset (Treehouse kids area)

“….we came to all three performances as the boys loved it so much. They're always brim to bursting with ideas and term time structure is a never ending frustration for them; "oh no, but I asked for you to describe it using a simile" "that's a good idea but it's not what we're doing today" etc etc. That you ran with their ideas, rather than them having to frame their contribution around some adults agenda was really empowering for them, and made them both, (though one especially) feel valued in a way he never has at school, and he'll start next term with a huge confidence boost"

Email from a festival mum, Camp Bestival 2007 – 2019

At large festivals, Treehouse Theatre will stage performances as part of a wider programme.

There's lots on offer to add some interactive dramatic sparkle to your line-up - perhaps one of our ever-popular Interactive theatre shows (called 'Tale Enders'), the Pop-Up Story Theatre, or shake your sillies out with the Treehouse Theatre All Action Song Time (below)





Treehouse Theatre can provide Kids Areas for family friendly festivals up to 2000 people.

Our Kids Areas focus on activities designed to boost children’s self esteem and confidence, and to promote an environment of caring for each other and working together to achieve a goal, and where children can express their creativity and try new skills without fear of failure.

We want children can meet each other, make new friends and play together in a caring and creative environment,

and to provide a place where parents can play alongside their children and reconnect.

A taste of the Treehouse Theatre kids area at Colourfest 2016:

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