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Artwork from St James

Today was a very exciting day - we got to see the wonderful artwork created by children at St James Primary School in Bournemouth.

Last week the children were asked to listen to some of the 'Tales from the Treehouse'. To get them started, we filmed a guided tour of our studio so they could see where the stories are recorded, and some of our secrets - like how we use the pantomime costumes to help deaden the sound in the space.

The stories they listened to were 'Jack and the Beanstalk', 'Thor and Hrungnir', and 'The Magic Paintbrush'.

The artwork they have created is just amazing! We are blown away by how inventive the creations are, and what a wide range of art is represented - garden sized sculptures, dressing up, drawing and painting, collage, tableaux and comic strips!

There's a few details we particularly loved - see if you can spot them when you look at the pictures: the beanstalk made of actual beans, the washing up glove udders, the real life giantess...and giant with enormous feet, the yellow dragon who looks like a real Chinese dragon, the huge giant with sock fingers, the goose with a nest of golden eggs at the top of the beanstalk, Thors horse with the knobbly knees, the Magic Paintbrush in a mini theatre with stage lights! (we miss theatres!) But seriously, they are all so good. Well done!

Scroll through the gallery to see the two winners from each class:

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