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Goldilocks! The Adventures of a Porridge Thief

Updated: Oct 4, 2021

Treehouse Theatre needs YOU!

This blog post is actually an interactive version of ‘Goldilocks’ where YOU decide what happens next.

Enjoy the first 10 minutes of this years Pantomime - 'Goldilocks, Adventures of a Porridge Thief' – then get your creative juices flowing!

What happens when Goldilocks grabs the Bears Magic Porridge Pot and runs off with it? Will Baby Bear be able to get it back and fulfil his Coming of Age quest? What if the Big Bad Wolf gets his hands on the Magic Pot? And will Goldilocks ever be able to stop the Pot from cooking porridge?

Follow the Story So Far (below) to watch the clips and listen for the Questioner to ask what happens next, and send us your ideas - make sure you answer the question!

Bit by bit we'll create a whole new story together, and we'll film some improvised scenes in between our live shows, with the help of whoevers around!

From this beautiful creative chaos, the story for our Christmas panto will emerge - come along and see if you recognise any of your ideas!

Thank you to the Arts Council for funding.

The Story So Far:

Scene One: Watch Treehouse Theatre performing the opening scene.

Featuring Nim McQuin as Goldilocks, Charmaine K Parkin as Baby Bear, Darren Matthews as Daddy Bear and Ben Lindsey-Clark as Mama Bear. Sign language throughout. Filmed by Rob Jayne.

Scene Two: Created by YOU!

Goldilocks has run away with the Three Bears Magic Porridge Pot. She took the Pot to a sea cave, where a Pirate unsuccessfully tried to get her to join him as Pirate crew! She ran away, but the Pirate wants the Magic Pot to feed his crew, so he chases after her!

Storyline by: Jessica, Sarah, Chris, Wendy, Tilly, Michelle and Jaime

Starring: Jaime as Goldilocks, Ben as The Pirate, and Anton as The Narrator

Filmed and Produced by: Izzy

Scene Three: Created by YOU!

Meanwhile, Baby Bear tracks Goldilocks to the sea cave, where she spots a Magic Compass on the cave floor, dropped by the Pirate, which she pops it in her pocket. Following the tracks, Baby Bear catches up with the Pirate just as he’s retracing his steps in search of his Compass – they pass each other by, and Baby Bear carries on following Goldilocks’ scent all the way to Yorkshire Pudding Town.

Storyline by: Jessica, Sarah, Justine

Starring: Isabella as Baby Bear and Oliver as The Pirate

Scene Four: Created by YOU!

Baby Bear finally catches up with Goldilocks in Yorkshire Pudding Town, where Goldilocks realised that Baby Bear wasn't as scary as she first thought. Since the Pirate was bound to come looking for the Porridge Pot and the Magic Compass, they decided to work together. Using a fake 'x marks the spot' they trapped the Pirate used the Magic Compass to transport them all to the Three Bears House, where they locked the naughty pirate in the attic! Mama Bear used the compass to send the Pirate packing back to his Pirate Ship. Mama Bear realised that Goldilocks had nowhere to live, so invited her to move in. They ate porridge together and lived Happily Ever After!

Storyline by: Jessica, Sarah, Justine, Isabella, Rose, Zoe


Rose – Baby Bear / The Magic Compass Noise

Isabella – Goldilocks / Mummy Bear / Narrator

Zoe – The Pirate / Mummy Bear / Narrator

A huge thank you to everyone who helped create a WONDERFUL story! We do hope you've enjoyed following the antics of Baby Bear and Goldilocks, and joining in.

This has been an experiment, so please do drop us a line to tell us what you thought (by email, by text or WhatsApp to 07855 117530, or inbox us on Facebook or instagram)

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