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Robin Hood is on the road!

Its always a great feeling to get the Panto on the road!

There's some new faces this year as Naomi is enjoying the bright lights of London, and Darren is concentrating on other projects this winter. Celia and Ben will be familiar from the past few years, returning this year as Robin Hood and her Granny Jean. We are absolutely delighted to have Charmaine back with us this year as Maid Marion - maybe you'll recognise her from our previous pantos 'Puss in Boots' and 'Sleeping Beauty'. Laurence, playing the Sheriff of Nottingham, has joined us for this winter from the Frozen North (Malvern, thats up North right?!).

We've had a fantastic opening week, kicked off with the dress rehearsal hosted by Springbourne Christian Centre - a fantastic start as always. We just couldn't ask for a more welcoming and enthusiastic audience. Since the panto has around 30 parts for audience members, who have to be dressed up, given secret instructions, and have a quick practice - having a dress rehearsal with a real audience is vital.

Hands up if you want to join in!

Since the dress rehearsal we've been in and out of schools, special schools and day centres - a week of very varied audiences, and already more than 600 people have enjoyed performances with us.

An enforced day off thanks to Storm Diana (Ferries to the Isle of Wight cancelled!) meant we've even had time to try on some costumes for NEXT year! Its going to be the Snow Queen by the way....

It doesn't take much persuading to get actors to try on costumes. Charmaine (as Gerda) had the most fantastic plaits, I'm sorry you cant see them in this photo!

Back to Robin Hood, this week we've also collected our leaflets for the January performances, so will be spreading them far and wide!

We are doing 3 public performances this year:

(Of course, everyone is welcome to any show)

Details on the 'open to the public' page, and facebook.

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