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Tales from the Treehouse - Episode 21 – The Binding of Fenrir

‘The Binding of Fenrir’ is an awesome tale from Norse Mythology! Fenrir is a monstrous wolf, the son of Loki and the giantess Angabooa. It was foretold that Fenrir would kill Odin, and this story tells what the Gods decided to do about it.

This story completes our collection of Myths and Legends. We’re having a break this week as we are busy writing a new play which will be performed in the Himalayas next summer – you can read all about it here

We’ll be back next Monday with the next set of 10 stories, drawn from the oldest stories all over the world – from Australia to the Amazon rainforest, from Africa to North America. Humans have always told each other stories, from one generation to the next, and we look forward to sharing some of them with you!

Told by Ben Lindsey-Clark, Tales from the Treehouse invite you to be swept away by your own imagination!

Stories that we listen to (rather than watch) are immersive and engaging. The listeners' imagination is free to draw its own imagery and create its own world, inspiring future interaction with the story and its characters.

Since we're working from home for a while - quite a challenge for a theatre company ! - there will be plenty more stories coming! Please subscribe to our blog to keep up to date with the latest episode!

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