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Panto time!

Oh yes we LOVE this time of year!

'Never Never Land' is a prequel to Peter Pan, full of the fantastic characters that everyone loves. Its a swashbuckling adventure story through NeverLand, and in true Treehouse style its VERY interactive. Parts for the audience, live music played on stage, and the usual panto banter we all love.

This year we welcome Treehouse newbies Naomi McQuin as Mary Henley and Tinkerbell, and Celia Muir as Peter Pan. Darren Matthews strides out as.....Captain Hook of course, and Ben Lindsey-Clark makes an unforgettable Smee.

If your school has missed out this year, we have just started putting together our tour for next year, so get in touch now! 'Snow White' will be a magical adventure in Fairy Land, and probably not just the simple story that the title suggests.....

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