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Home Education workshops

We're so delighted to be offering 4 workshops this May, for Home Educating families.

Its been a long time coming, and quite a few people have asked us over the years to arrange performances. This winter, we decided to stage a performance of our Pantomime 'Robin Hood', exclusively for Home Educating families, and it was such a great experience. We had an engaged and responsive audience, a really fun mix of ages, and everyone seemed to really enjoy themselves.

We felt it set the ball rolling, so we're embarking on a journey this year! We will offer various workshops, for different age groups, and try out different parts of Dorset to see where we fit in to the existing pattern of Home Education groups and activities.

We're starting off with 2 different workshops:

'The Dancing Turtle' for age 2-8 - there's 3 different sessions to choose from on 13th and 15th May

'Romeo and Juliet' for age 8-14 - on 15th May

You can keep up to date with everything available on our dedicated 'Home Education' page on this website, or by following us on facebook.

In the future, we would like to establish 2 or 3 regular weeks when we will run workshops every year - Mid-May is the first one of these. October and March could be others perhaps - let us know your thoughts! An annual panto is definitely in the plan - dates for the Snow Queen in Jan 2020 coming soon.

We want this whole adventure to be collaborative - so if you'd like us to do something with your Home Education Community, please do get in touch! Right now, we are actively looking for other areas to run these workshops in May - perhaps in the Southampton area, or towards Weymouth, or inland somewhere.

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