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Tales from the Treehouse - Episode 3 - Goldilocks

Presented by Ben Lindsey-Clark, Tales from the Treehouse invite you to be swept away by your own imagination!

Stories that we listen to (rather than watch) are immersive and engaging. The listeners' imagination is free to draw its own imagery and create its own world, inspiring future interaction with the story and its characters.

Today's story is going out on Mothers Day, so is of course dedicated to all the Mothers and those with Mothering roles. If you tell your children stories (or listen to stories with them!) you give them such a gift, and they in turn pass that on to their own children. We need stories - a safe place in our imaginations to explore the world. If you are listening with your mum today, give her an extra special hug. Today can be a difficult day for people whose mums are no longer with us, and this year will be particularly hard for so many of us who can’t be with our Mothers today. Much love to all of us.

We'd love to hear what you like about the stories, where you listened to them and who with - please leave us a comment.

We'd also love to see your drawings inspired by these stories - you can email them to us and we'll start a gallery on the 'Tales from the Treehouse' page

Since we're working from home for a while - quite a challenge for a theatre company! - there will be plenty more stories coming!

Please subscribe to our blog or follow us on facebook to keep up to date with future episodes.

Episode 3 - Goldilocks and the Three Bears:

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