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Tales from the Treehouse - Episode 4 – The Golden Goose

‘The Golden Goose’ isn’t very well known really, but it has a wonderful message about the importance of laughter and kindness. Perhaps rather relevant to our current lifestyles!

We sometimes tell ‘The Golden Goose’ as a Superhero Story – sharing laughter is definitely a superpower.

It’s an old European folk tale collected by the Brothers Grimm. There’s a very similar Jataka Tale (a Buddhist folktale) as well – it’s interesting how stories with the same powerful message repeat in the folk tales of such disparate places.

Told by Ben Lindsey-Clark, Tales from the Treehouse invite you to be swept away by your own imagination! Stories that we listen to (rather than watch) are immersive and engaging. The listeners' imagination is free to draw its own imagery and create its own world, inspiring future interaction with the story and its characters.

We'd love to hear what you like about the stories, where you listened to them and who with - please leave us a comment. We'd also love to see your drawings inspired by these stories! Please email them to, and we'll start a gallery on our website:

Since we're working from home for a while - quite a challenge for a theatre company! - there will be plenty more stories coming! Please subscribe to our blog - - or this YouTube channel, or follow us on facebook ( to keep up to date with the latest episode!

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