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Tales from the Treehouse - Episode 8 – Rumplestiltskin

Today’s story ‘Rumplestiltskin’ was requested by Jessie in London.

Great choice Jessie – we love this story! One year we mixed it up with the story of Jack and the Beanstalk for our annual pantomime. We love mixing fairy tales together to make new stories. Have you ever tried that?

We start by looking for the unanswered questions in a story, and then trying to answer them with other fairy tales. For example, do you remember the old man in Jack and the Beanstalk who gives Jack the magic beans in exchange for the cow? What a mischievous fellow! And with a pocket full of magic beans too – he was no ordinary character. Who was he? After talking about his character for a while, we decided that he must be none other than Rumplestiltskin! The rest of the story just fell into place from there – as it does when you have found an answer.

Can you find any unanswered questions in Rumplestiltskin? And more importantly, what are the answers?!

We've dedicated todays story to Darren Matthews, who played Rumplestiltskin in our panto 'Jack and the Beanstalk' in 2013.

Told by Ben Lindsey-Clark, Tales from the Treehouse invite you to be swept away by your own imagination!

Stories that we listen to (rather than watch) are immersive and engaging. The listeners' imagination is free to draw its own imagery and create its own world, inspiring future interaction with the story and its characters.

Since we're working from home for a while - quite a challenge for a theatre company! - there will be plenty more stories coming! Please subscribe to our blog to keep up to date with the latest episode!

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