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Tales from the Treehouse - Episode 19 – The Ship-Wrecked Sailor

This is one of the oldest written stories in the world. It was found written in Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs on a piece of 4000 year old parchment in the Museum of St Petersburg in Russia. Where it came from originally remains a mystery.

The story is about a man trying to share a story of hope with someone who is seeing things in a negative way. Whether he is persuaded to change his mind, you will have to find out by listening for yourself...

‘The Ship-Wrecked Sailor’ also explores the way in which a person can be transported to a strange and bewildering place, only to return home again. This was a familiar thought to Egyptian religious sentiment at the time.

This story is especially for Carisbrooke Primary School on the Isle of Wight. We were very sad to miss our usual visit to your school as part of your Ancient Egyptian project, and we hope you enjoy this story from Ancient Egypt.

Told by Ben Lindsey-Clark, Tales from the Treehouse invite you to be swept away by your own imagination!

Stories that we listen to (rather than watch) are immersive and engaging. The listeners' imagination is free to draw its own imagery and create its own world, inspiring future interaction with the story and its characters.

Since we're working from home for a while - quite a challenge for a theatre company! - there will be plenty more stories coming! Please subscribe to our blog to keep up to date with the latest episode!

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